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Lost Voices of Old Hobart Town 2016
Of Sea and Storm

Following on from the success of 2015’s Lost Voices of Old Hobart Town, The Story Island Project again teamed up with Festival of Voices, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the young writers of Hobart to raise more stories from the depths of our island’s stormy past.

Lost Voices of Old Hobart Town: Of Sea and Storm was a one-day writing workshop for young people (aged 13–18). Exploring our maritime history of shipwrecks, spectres and sailors, and using resources from TMAG’s Tempest exhibition, this workshop inspired young writers to give voice to stories long submerged.

A selection of stories created in these workshops was presented at a Festival of Voices event in July 2016, featuring Finegan Kruckemeyer, Janet Carding, Frances Underwood and Alex Sangston.


Lost Voices of Old Hobart Town 2015

Filthy sewers, dodgy deals and ragged children: welcome to Old Hobart Town. In these workshops, held at TMAG in June 2015, young people explored real and fictional stories from Old Hobart Town. They explored historical artefacts from TMAG and images from the Tasmanian Archives, and created character monologues in response. The monologues were presented at a Festival of Voices event, performed by local personalities including Briony Geeves, Jane Longhurst, Senator Lisa Singh, Bernard Lloyd and Matt Stolp. 

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