Stories of the Brooker Highway

Do you have a story about the Brooker Highway? 

To many, the Brooker is a place that one merely passes through, en route to their destination. But what if this narrative of the Brooker was reimagined? What if this 18km stretch of road was understood as not just a significant artery for traffic but also a vein for rich and meaningful social interaction and the foundation of community?  

Stories of the Brooker Highway is a community storytelling project taking place during 2017 that brings together the diverse communities that have lived, worked and travelled along the Brooker Highway. Our project aims to re-tell the story of the highway and to celebrate the richness and diversity of a place that is often neglected in the broader Tasmanian community. 

The Story Island Project will connect community members, particularly those living in the northern suburbs, in this collaborative storytelling project that reflects the diverse stories of the Brooker Highway.

We invite all local community members, businesses and organisations to tell their stories, and share images and artefacts associated with the Brooker Highway.

If you have a story, an anecdote, a memory, or a photograph to share, get in touch with us via our contacts page, and come and visit us at one of our story sharing booths at public events across the northern suburbs during January – April! 

Photo courtesy of the Jakobovski family