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Winter 2017
Who on EARTH has any interesting stories about the Brooker Highway? We do! On 24 August, we launched our Stories of the Brooker Highway exhibition at Moonah Arts Centre. This exhibition celebrates Hobart's northern suburbs as a place rich in stories, and a community filled with strong creative voices. 
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Autumn 2017
What do Pope John Paul II, the Queen and Rick Astley have in common? Well, along with countless Tasmanians, they've all travelled along the Brooker Highway! For our major community storytelling project for 2017, we're unearthing stories about the Brooker Highway
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Summer 2016 / 2017
It’s been a huge year for us here at the Story Island Project. This year, we ran a range of workshops across school and community settings around Hobart. We worked alongside more than 100 young people, giving them exciting opportunities to engage in creative writing projects … Read more